Definition of live something down in US English:

live something down

phrasal verb

  • Succeed in making others forget something embarrassing that has happened.

    • ‘It had taken two full years for me to live that episode down.’
    • ‘One guy left his house keys in my bedroom one Christmas Eve and never lived it down since.’
    • ‘Let's just hope I get it right or I'll never live it down!’
    • ‘I was never, ever allowed to live the incident down by my housemates, who took great delight in reciting it to everyone who came round for the rest of the year.’
    • ‘He'd never live it down if he turned up at the park wearing purple.’
    • ‘She didn't get to the Olympics and has never been able to live it down.’
    • ‘My boyfriend would never let me live it down if we lost.’
    • ‘As time went by, the incident became a memory, but the crew chief never really lived it down.’
    • ‘If people have made mistakes, they should be able to live them down.’
    • ‘And yes, the situation is hilarious and I will never live it down… my sister won't let me forget!’