Definition of live like a lord in US English:

live like a lord


  • Live sumptuously.

    • ‘Currently, in Transylvania, it costs comparatively little to live like a lord.’
    • ‘You can live like a lord in castles and elegant manor houses or stay in cozy village inns and luxury hotels in prime locations.’
    • ‘Of course at that time I was a single man and lived like a lord.’
    • ‘Gianni was well-to-do, and lived like a lord, but Lisi was so poor that he could hardly keep body and soul together.’
    • ‘The restaurant at lunchtime is a great place to start living like a lord.’
    • ‘But compared to most people around the world, I live like a lord.’
    • ‘This package gives you the chance to really live like a lord!’
    • ‘But many lords were more interested in, well, living like a lord, not acting like an accountant.’
    • ‘He lived like a lord in a luxurious villa whose German owner he had evicted, driving through the locality in a white 1938 Mercedes Benz with a German girlfriend on his arm.’
    • ‘In his home he had many white servants and henchmen and really lived like a lord.’