Definition of live and let live in US English:

live and let live


  • You should tolerate the opinions and behavior of others so that they will similarly tolerate your own.

    • ‘Monika's philosophy in life is to live and let live.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to the concept of live and let live?’
    • ‘Stating that she was devastated by the arson attack, she said that all she wanted to do was live and let live and she hoped that she could do that in a different part of the city.’
    • ‘In this neck of Los Angeles, people live and let live.’
    • ‘Our father always taught us live and let live.’
    • ‘Soon after the Great War, the majority of Americans turned away from concern about foreign affairs, adopting an attitude of live and let live.’
    • ‘Perhaps this is asking too much and my view too utopian but I appeal to all involved to live and let live.’
    • ‘We all have different interests, so live and let live!’
    • ‘Isn't it time we all learned to live and let live?’
    • ‘I hope that the Council will agree to live and let live.’