Definition of live-stream in English:



  • Transmit or receive live video and audio coverage of (an event) over the Internet.

    ‘you can live-stream the performance from your computer’
    ‘the network live-streamed every competition through its Olympic website’
    • ‘The service is better for live-streaming the Olympics.’
    • ‘Burberry is planning to live-stream a catwalk show from London in 3-D.’
    • ‘They have many multimedia angles built into the theater, like the ability to live-stream shows online.’
    • ‘In 1997, crowds flocked to Eden Gardens to see Australia defeat New Zealand, while Cricinfo live-streamed the next event, in 2000, from New Zealand.’
    • ‘The show will be live-streamed here every day.’
    • ‘The discussion will be live-streamed (I'll put up the link that day), so if you're interested, tune in.’
    • ‘Queen Elizabeth II's first words to the nation were over the radio airwaves, while her latest are tweeted and live-streamed all around the world.’
    • ‘Naturally the event has been sold out since seconds after its announcement, but never fear: it will be live-streamed.’
    • ‘His presentation was live-streamed across the Internet.’
    • ‘You can watch for the white smoke from the comfort of your own home right here at our website - we're live-streaming it for you.’
    broadcast, relay, send out, put on air, put on the air, air, televise, radio, telecast, videocast, podcast, show, publish, emit, wire, beam, pipe
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  • A live transmission of an event over the Internet.

    ‘a livestream of Saturday's concert will run from 6:30 p.m.’
    • ‘"Some people might say, 'Oh, I've educated myself online; I'm watching a livestream – I don't need to go down there," she said.’
    • ‘CNN has a livestream of the dangling crane that is almost impossible not to watch.’
    • ‘The difference to any other live-stream of a show during a fashion week was that this one was online-only.’
    • ‘Monitor their every movement with a rather tedious live-stream of CCTV footage.’
    • ‘The Occupy movement have set up a livestream from Zuccotti Park which shows, well, frankly very little happening.’
    • ‘Journalists and observers will watch proceedings from behind bullet-proof glass, or via a live-stream at a US military intelligence base in Virginia.’
    • ‘Your idea for the livestream of the seminar is a great one, and definitely worth investigating.’
    • ‘The plans for the free weekend were revealed on the official livestream last week.’
    • ‘The livestream will be from roughly 3:15-5:00 tomorrow Pacific (6:15-8:00 Eastern).’
    • ‘Also worth looking at this livestream in which you can clearly hear gunfire and see smoke rising over the city.’
    broadcast, programme, show, presentation, feature, telecast, videocast, podcast, livestream
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