Definition of Little Englandism in US English:

Little Englandism


  • See Little Englander

    • ‘However, if they organised industrial action to stop jobs being offshored, then I would support that, and argue against any Little Englandism or worse that might go with it.’
    • ‘The Lea Valley has been a local place for local people, but there is no angry Little Englandism about the photos, nor any sentimentality - just a pervasive melancholy.’
    • ‘Successive sterling crises have demonstrated to all but the most insular Britons that Little Englandism will not work in the modern industrial world.’
    • ‘He said he would ‘oppose the rancid Little Englandism that has gripped the country’ - and leave the Conservative Party if it slid too far.’
    • ‘It it came in a period of Little Englandism and Free Trade Imperialism.’


Little Englandism