Definition of little (or nothing) short of in US English:

little (or nothing) short of


  • Almost (or equal to); little (or nothing) less than.

    ‘he regarded the cost of living as little short of scandalous’
    • ‘This was served with a creamy garlic purée, which was nothing short of sinfully good.’
    • ‘Recently relaunched, the car's performance on bumpy roads is little short of astonishing.’
    • ‘Indeed, once the first autumn flood eventually came, the sport was nothing short of fantastic in places.’
    • ‘To lose this development would be nothing short of catastrophic for the economic life of the town.’
    • ‘However, the real turning point arrived four minutes into the third quarter and was nothing short of bizarre.’
    • ‘These figures are nothing short of staggering and should serve as a wake-up call.’
    • ‘I feel passionately that if the National Trust split this particular farm it is nothing short of criminal.’
    • ‘The train journey down to Reading on Thursday evening was nothing short of miraculous.’
    • ‘Mental, crushing, and amazing all in equal doses, the mix is nothing short of perfect.’
    • ‘Two years ago I woke up on a day so sunny and gorgeous, it was nothing short of surreal.’