Definition of lithotomy position in US English:

lithotomy position


  • A supine position of the body with the legs separated, flexed, and supported in raised stirrups, originally used for lithotomy and later also for childbirth.

    • ‘The circulating nurse then helps the anesthesia care provider with induction of anesthesia and intubation, after which the patient is placed in a low lithotomy position.’
    • ‘The patient was supine for 90 minutes and in the lithotomy position for 90 minutes.’
    • ‘The patient is placed in the lithotomy position after administration of spinal or general anesthesia.’
    • ‘The circulating nurse and surgeon place the patient in the lithotomy position, which allows access to both the abdomen and perineum.’
    • ‘The patient was supine for the first 90 minutes and in the lithotomy position thereafter.’
    • ‘The capillary-support pressures for calf and heel support in the standard lithotomy position are presented as a function of body weight.’
    • ‘He or she reviews the patient's history and physical examination during the initial assessment, which helps the perioperative nurse assess the patient's mobility and ability to tolerate a low lithotomy position.’
    • ‘When the perineal prep and catheter insertion have been completed, the stirrups should be adjusted to place the patient in a modified lithotomy position with the patient's legs at a 45-degree angle to the OR bed.’
    • ‘The longest docking times correspond to patients who were placed in the lithotomy position.’
    • ‘After induction of anesthesia, the surgeon, anesthesia care provider, and circulating nurse place the patient in the lithotomy position and pad the patient's extremities and all bony prominences.’
    • ‘The circulating nurse configures the OR bed to accommodate either candy-cane shaped or boot-type stirrups for the lithotomy position.’
    • ‘After the patient has emptied her bladder, she is placed in the dorsal lithotomy position without strapping or taping of her legs.’
    • ‘She was placed under general anesthesia and positioned in a low lithotomy position.’
    • ‘All of the deliveries were carried out in the lithotomy position following the same protocol.’
    • ‘Pubertal girls can be examined in the lithotomy position.’
    • ‘The procedures performed in the lithotomy position have been the most difficult to dock.’
    • ‘Once they are comfortable with these positions, they can be examined in the dorsalis lithotomy position.’
    • ‘The circulating nurse and surgeon place the child in the lithotomy position (infants are placed supine) for the cystoscopy.’
    • ‘The legs were flexed at the knees and tied up with a rope, so the victim assumed a position which was as inelegant then as it is today when used for some gynaecological procedures, the so-called lithotomy position.’
    • ‘The potential for deep vein thrombosis can be minimized with the proper use of stirrups for placing the patient in the lithotomy position.’