Definition of lithologic in US English:



  • See lithology

    • ‘Metamorphic recrystallization and deformation have been so severe that nearly all of the original sedimentary and volcanic features of the rocks have been erased and the relationships between lithologic units have been distorted.’
    • ‘In some cases, escarpments occur where there is no obvious lithologic or tectonic origin.’
    • ‘Recent researchers have divided the batholith longitudinally into two zones based on geochemical, geophysical, and lithologic differences.’
    • ‘He recognized two different fossil fauna assemblages in the limestone and the divided the limestone into two distinct lithologic units of Devonian and Mississippian age.’
    • ‘Sinuous connectivity is the tendency for individual lithologic units to be continuous over long and highly contorted paths; there is no means in the earlier modeling of either characterizing or synthesizing this property.’