Definition of litho in English:



  • short for lithography or lithograph
    • ‘Then three hundred copies of each litho had to be cut out, using zinc templates which I had trimmed against the periphery of the original papers.’
    • ‘I floated the black plaque on the same gold matboard and positioned the litho using a conservation package.’
    • ‘The untitled litho, produced in an edition of 30, consists of two abutting vertical rectangles, one of solid black and the other gray that was printed from a scraped and scumbled surface.’
    • ‘This is clear from her works on tapestry, knotted carpet and on litho.’
    • ‘Mapping the initiative for human/artistic revolt the Beuys litho is a strange, down-to-earth, yet visionary work, following John Lennon's equally ironic Revolution by only about 4 years.’


  • short for lithographic
    • ‘The new press can give a new lustre to paper and also allows the use of gravure metallics instead of litho inks.’
    • ‘It's a four-color litho print gable top carton with a pour spout.’
    • ‘These works are small and their texts irritated, sharp, against a soft litho wash of black or blue.’
    • ‘Part of its litho printing equipment has been moved up to York to extend the company's head office litho printing facility.’
    • ‘Back in the days of old when litho blocks and itaglio plates were the norm, APs were used by the artists in the printing process to determine ink densities, press pressures and overall print quality before the final runs were pressed.’
    • ‘But getting really good color and consistent quality is a black art nearly or literally exceeding that of CMYK process on paper or other flatstocks with offset litho printing.’
    • ‘She handed Emmanuel the small model, along with the biggest litho stone she could find and said, ‘Right, put that mouse onto that stone!’’
    • ‘Another artist created monotypes off a litho press, while another dipped the oilbar into turp and used it wet - or applied liquid in conjunction with it.’
    • ‘You can switch between jobs very quickly because there are no plate changes, and there is the potential for variable data printing that traditional litho printing cannot achieve.’
    • ‘The portfolios containing 30 litho prints titled ‘Berlin pages’ are a ‘literal’ approach to the phenomenon of movement.’
    • ‘Original, commissioned and other editions of one are not subject to these issues, but any numbered edition giclee, litho print or poster is.’
    • ‘One notable exception to the norm is an offset litho print of Mandela, dated 1989.’
    • ‘The walls are adorned with various bird litho sketches, of which this is one.’