Definition of lithic in US English:



  • 1Geology Archaeology
    Of the nature of or relating to stone.

    • ‘The excavation of lithic quarry sites presents archaeologists with logistical and analytical problems that are often not encountered at other site types.’
    • ‘Compositionally, the most abundant types of lithic fragment are polycrystalline quartz varieties.’
    • ‘Upon collection, however, it was revealed that much of the lithic debris was covered by mud.’
    • ‘Small lithic fragments comprise quartzite, gneiss and ubiquitous andesite.’
    • ‘The excavations produced no diagnostic artifacts but did yield lithic debris and a limited quantity of preserved floral remains.’
  • 2Medicine
    dated Relating to calculi.


Late 18th century: from Greek lithikos, from lithos ‘stone’.