Definition of lite in US English:



  • 1Relating to low-fat or low-sugar versions of manufactured food or drink products.

    ‘lite beer’
    • ‘Meanwhile, it continues to carry lite, low-fat and fat-free ice cream as well as fat-free frozen yogurt.’
    • ‘Feel free to dress up your dish with some sautéed garlic, low-fat tub margarine, lemon juice, or lite soy sauce.’
    • ‘A lite product contains no more than half the fat, half the sodium or one-third the calories of the original.’
    • ‘I grabbed a lite beer from the fridge and set it in front of her as she lit a cigarette from the candle flaming next to her.’
    • ‘Note: coconut milk is one of the few plant products that's high in saturated fat, so use a lite or lowfat version.’
    • ‘If every day you take in just 100 calories more than you burn - the equivalent of a lite beer or two-thirds of a can of soda - over a year, ‘you'll be the owner of 10 pounds of new body fat,’ says O'Neil.’
    • ‘So I'm not going to argue with the officials - I am going to bring all Americans together in one big stadium, where we can munch on the hot dogs of freedom and drink the lite beer of diversity and cheer for the future of this country!’
    1. 1.1informal often postpositive Denoting a simpler or less challenging version of a particular thing or person.
      ‘the film was dismissed by many of the more serious critics as Woody Allen lite’
      ‘a sort of newspaper lite—a snappy tabloid filled with shorter news pieces and extra sports and entertainment’
      • ‘Ecotourism lite refers to businesses that make only a few cosmetic and cost-saving changes, like not laundering the sheets every day.’
      • ‘On ‘All Possibilities,’ a charming, orchestral disco - lite number, the listener is lifted away in a gorgeous horns and a breezy vocal hook.’
      • ‘Call it horror lite, or fright by numbers, but this sub-genre has become fairly predictable, even by the standards of a genre that often trades on meeting our expectations.’
      • ‘The rest of the album isn't bad, coasting from lite jazz subtlety to wah-wah guitar-enhanced antsiness and back to lite jazz at the end.’
      • ‘I recently overheard some talk in which they were referred to as ‘jazz lite.’’
      • ‘The Government's view that the passport lite aspect of the card requires that it have a contactless capability however has interesting ramifications.’
      • ‘Most compositions are swirling masses of intense orchestration mixed once again with this signature drum 'n' bass lite rhythm programming.’
      • ‘Hard numbers, too, tell of a soft communitarianism or ‘consistent-ethic lite.’’
      • ‘So blogging will be lite this week at this address.’
      • ‘Watch as both early 70's singer-songwriter and late 70's lite country get born on the same dull album.’
      • ‘She packs on another 60 pounds, dresses like a hausfrau, and now silently resents the love of her life for not sharing her passion for lite radio hits and the soundtrack album moneysuckers and/or television commercials that contain them.’
      • ‘They are just rough enough to make an American pop fan listen to songs from across the pond; but they're also still lite enough to remain less filling than their other post-rock countrymen.’
      • ‘Somewhere in the vaguely near distant future, a 1984 - lite version of Britain is ruled by an evil megalomaniac politician whose self-created culture of fear ensures his will is never challenged.’
      • ‘And let's face it, Janis does sound different fronting a big, frothy semi-funky lite soul orchestra than a messy rock band.’
      • ‘Racing games to me are palate cleansers, lite diversions in between more serious gaming experiences.’
      • ‘The best you could say about his proposal is that it's ‘amnesty lite.’’
      • ‘Several columns ago, I put out a call for the major antivirus companies to provide a lite version of their flagship antivirus apps.’
      • ‘Most other people would be pretty well-advised to stay away, unless you're desperately seeking an indie-approved gateway into the world of lite FM.’
      • ‘All the same, the term ‘airport book’ still stands for lite reading.’
      • ‘It sounds totally unique, and they're capable of making music without referents, but too often they sound like a lite version of something already done better.’
      • ‘Nobody's doubting his sincerity, but if he ditched even some of the throwaway lite rockers, he'd be a far edgier and ultimately more appealing prospect, even if you couldn't take him home to meet mum any more.’


  • A type of light beer with relatively few calories.


1950s: a commercial respelling of light, light.