Definition of LISTSERV in US English:



trademark in US
  • 1An application that distributes messages to subscribers on an electronic mailing list.

    1. 1.1also listserv An electronic mailing list.
      • ‘I was thinking of bad timing (although, thankfully, without mortality involved) last week when a listserv I'm on received an email from one of our members.’
      • ‘From 1996 to 1999 the course was conducted through an e-mail listserv.’
      • ‘More than 170 people were subscribed to the listserv; a new listserv is being created for section members as a benefit of membership.’
      • ‘Not surprisingly, an Internet listserv is the network's most popular feature.’
      • ‘Anyone has a chance of turning his or her personal listserv, blog or Web site into a node that will be in effect, and quite likely for a very limited time, an institution as powerful as any of the more stable ones of the past.’