Definition of listenable in English:



  • Easy or pleasant to listen to.

    • ‘It's symphonic pop style would normally make me change the channel if I were listening to the radio, but the Pink Floydesqe sound makes it listenable.’
    • ‘The B-side is a series of preposterous grunts and shrieks that makes no sense whatsoever, and is barely listenable.’
    • ‘The liner notes say that this collection is as good as it's going to get, given the material they had to work with, but that still doesn't make the songs any more listenable.’
    • ‘The soundtrack is quite listenable though by itself…’
    • ‘But at last his schemes have backfired and, quite by accident, he has produced his most consistent and listenable album in over 15 years.’
    • ‘Pop music is designed to be as listenable to as many strangers as possible, and has an optimistic air of inclusivity about it, of not wanting to be categorized or held down in a sub-genre.’
    • ‘It's one of the most funky and listenable albums ever.’
    • ‘I found their grungy-emoish sound listenable, but unremarkable.’
    • ‘Who would dare spoil the mood now by reviewing a CD as eminently listenable as this?’
    • ‘It was a pretty listenable performance, his voice strong… and then I looked up at the TV to see him playing the air drums using his microphone.’
    • ‘Though there are glimmers of brilliance, quite frankly, too many of the songs are too mediocre to fulfill the potential of an intimate, listenable live album.’
    • ‘What makes the show so listenable, even to people like me who don't know or care that much about cars, is the fact that the show isn't really about cars, it's about life.’
    • ‘And of course, Kenny always has this very listenable, croony style.’
    • ‘When the band is left out of the picture, the album is much more listenable, though one gets the distinct impression that much of the album was recorded on the fly.’
    • ‘Czerny's music is eminently playable, predictable and listenable to in the same sort of way that Vivaldi's is eminently playable, predictable and listenable.’
    • ‘Poor music aims only to sell, good music achieves its aim to be highly listenable, but great music excels at communicating the human condition.’
    • ‘Definitely more listenable than his past efforts, it stays away from the more experimental tip, yet delves into interesting instrumental movements.’
    • ‘But more importantly, the album flows like the Milky Way and ends up being a highly listenable achievement.’
    • ‘I'm finding Classic FM highly listenable at the moment.’
    • ‘It is listenable if you flip past some of the weirder pieces.’