Definition of listbox in US English:



  • A box on the screen that contains a list of options, only one of which can be selected.

    • ‘If you click the Advanced button, you can further define the way the navigation controls move the cursor around the DVD menu (the up, down, left and right list boxes), routing each directional button to a different button on the screen.’
    • ‘The customer is directed to access the part of its website where a screen is displayed with a list box of possible start locations, a list box of possible destinations and a table of ticket types.’
    • ‘For months later, we would have meetings where people would say things like ‘Charles [the CEO] doesn't like dropdown list boxes,’ because of something he had edited without any thought, and that was supposed to end the discussion.’
    • ‘All you have to do is to type your text in the box and select the language in the list box and there you get the text translated in a jiffy.’
    • ‘When you type a character in the text box, the program does some simple speed selection and highlights the first entry in the list box that matches.’