Definition of liquidus in US English:


nounPlural liquidi

  • A curve in a graph of the temperature and composition of a mixture, above which the substance is entirely liquid.

    • ‘Total melting is not possible, that is, raising the temperature of mantle lherzolite to its liquidus (the temperature at which it is completely melted), requires too much heat, even when significant amounts of volatiles are present.’
    • ‘Large, insoluble intermetallic particles that are present or form in the temperature range between liquidus and solidus reduce feeding.’
    • ‘Beyond this, nothing can be said of their direction, except, of course, that they must connect liquidus to solidus.’
    • ‘Thus the cast metal has a cored structure and the coring is very marked because of the long range between liquidus and solidus; but it may be eliminated by diffusion on cooling more slowly or by annealing.’
    • ‘We quantitatively determined the degree of mixing nonideality by fitting the experimental liquidus and solidus curves to a model based on regular solution theory.’


Latin, literally ‘liquid’.