Definition of liquid paraffin in US English:

liquid paraffin


  • A colorless, odorless oily liquid consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum, used as a laxative.

    • ‘But after vets gave him liquid paraffin he was able to pass the fragments from his body and was re-homed with a family from Berkshire this week.’
    • ‘The treatments for this are nursery-esque: liquid paraffin with dinner, for example.’
    • ‘The first one involved usage of liquid paraffin for immersing nerves while dissecting and recording from them.’
    • ‘The government response came after health authorities in India expressed concerns over the US company's baby oil products which use liquid paraffin as the base.’
    • ‘I have also used emollients like liquid paraffin and dermadew two to three times daily.’
    • ‘Many of these cases are successfully treated with liquid paraffin by stomach tube, to break up the impaction and lubricate the intestine, together with painkillers.’
    • ‘The distal portion of the cut nerve was placed over bipolar platinum electrodes and immersed in liquid paraffin warmed to 37 [degrees] C and contained in a bath that was formed by raising the skin flaps of the wound.’
    • ‘In children we used olive oil instead, to avoid any laxative effect of liquid paraffin.’
    • ‘So, late last night, I dosed him with medicinal liquid paraffin, delivered through one of those plastic syringes they use for small children these days.’
    • ‘Also, whereas the first study used liquid paraffin as a placebo, the second study used sunflower oil, which is better tolerated and less likely to affect the placebo response adversely.’
    • ‘The burn should be covered with a bland ointment such as liquid paraffin.’
    • ‘The maintenance phase consisted of ‘Agarol’ (active ingredients: liquid paraffin, phenolphthalein, benzoic acid, and sorbic acid) 5-30 ml once or twice daily, senna granules, or bisacodyl tablets.’
    • ‘Among the dodgy remedies are cowpats to draw boils, liquid paraffin to ease constipation and vinegar for almost everything.’
    • ‘After being soaked in strong soap-suds, brushed and sprayed with liquid paraffin, a less than fresh orange suddenly becomes an attractive fruit.’


liquid paraffin

/ˌlɪkwɪd ˈpɛrəfən//ˌlikwid ˈperəfən/