Definition of lipophilic in US English:



  • Tending to combine with or dissolve in lipids or fats.

    • ‘Due to its lipophilic nature, vitamin E accumulates in cellular membranes, fat deposits and other circulating lipoproteins.’
    • ‘In the presence of lipophilic carrier proteins the removal is accelerated.’
    • ‘The lipophilic part inserts into one or both leaflets of the lipid membrane and can consist of phospholipids, cholesterols, alkyl chains or phytanyl groups.’
    • ‘If we turn now to the liposomal membrane, a gradient of solvent polarity is expected within the bilayer, increasing as one goes from deep within the lipophilic bilayer out toward the aqueous phase.’
    • ‘Cholesterol, which is far more lipophilic than the hormones, associates tightly with the bilayer and does not cross it at all.’