Definition of lipogenic in English:



  • See lipogenesis

    • ‘Most diets will increase the number of lipogenic enzymes (fat storing) and decrease the lipolytic enzymes (fat burning).’
    • ‘It causes your body to increase its lipogenic enzymes, which store fat.’
    • ‘Reduction in concentration of milk fat is usually associated with synthesis of specific trans fatty acids in the rumen that suppress lipogenic activity of mammary cells.’
    • ‘In fact, ethanol does not induce lipogenic enzymes and isoenergetic subsitution of carbohydrate by ethanol is stated to have no effect on net fat storage.’
    • ‘Changing treatment to the more rapid acting insulin lispro has been reported as causing less lipohypertrophy, as the insulin is more rapidly absorbed and hence the adipocytes spend less time exposed to the lipogenic actions of insulin.’