Definition of lionhearted in US English:



  • Brave and determined.

    ‘a brilliant, lionhearted second-half comeback’
    • ‘Well done to the gallant band of Waterford men who gave such a lionhearted display of hurling on Sunday last in Thurles.’
    • ‘And with that, Richard the lionhearted gave us everything he's kept to himself and a small circle of friends.’
    • ‘They haven't always been given the credit in the past their lionhearted endeavours have deserved.’
    • ‘He relied on the principles of control and movement to make up for his lack of velocity, but it was his lionhearted approach that won him the most praise.’
    • ‘He picked up a double injury to his neck and leg, but like the lionhearted player he is, he played on.’
    • ‘They are the direct descendants of lionhearted British combatants of old.’
    • ‘It's not that he's such a lionhearted defender, with abrasiveness and impact.’
    • ‘He stands in the public mind for lionhearted crisis management.’
    • ‘But the other side of the coin is that there is no more committed, lionhearted, or determined a player in the game today, and when push comes to shove - as it will on Sunday - expect Captain Fantastic to take centre stage.’
    • ‘They have developed the habit of falling flat with a winnable situation in sight, particularly after ‘redeeming’ themselves with lionhearted efforts against the odds.’
    • ‘In ideal conditions the lionhearted Listowel man turned in the performance of his life and was a very popular winner of the high-profile race.’
    • ‘There has been glowing praise heaped on him for his lionhearted performances.’
    • ‘Senior police officers want lionhearted members of the public to contact them, or other groups, and improve the city's environment for everyone.’
    brave, courageous, valiant, gallant, intrepid, valorous, fearless, bold, daring
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