Definition of lion's share in US English:

lion's share


  • The biggest or greatest part.

    ‘William was appointed editor, which meant that he did the lion's share of the work’
    • ‘We decided that our state will put the lion's share of its economic development budget into the entertainment industry.’
    • ‘But no, we cut taxes to a ridiculous extent, giving the lion's share of the benefit to those who least needed it.’
    • ‘In any case, the first thesis gets the lion's share of sustained historical and sociological argument.’
    • ‘They explained that the lion's share of such collections went up the chain into the pockets of the state political leadership.’
    • ‘As a result, the top blogs absorb the lion's share of attention.’
    • ‘Until it rains, the lion's share of owed water will have to wait.’
    • ‘Vegetables provide the lion's share of this vitamin in the diet.’
    • ‘Apparently, PBS paid the lion's share of the production costs and demanded to be the premiere outlet for the film.’
    • ‘The lion's share of the cost of educating this nation's schoolchildren comes out of state treasuries.’
    • ‘This is the lion's share of the death row inmates here at San Quentin.’
    • ‘Of course, the lion's share of responsibility for disaster management falls on the individual.’
    • ‘So far, the lion's share of new income has been going to profits.’
    • ‘For the smallest part of our military, they have been taking on the lion's share of work.’
    • ‘The lion's share of revenue is advertising, and advertising revenue is predicated on the number of eyeballs that see the ad.’
    • ‘The result is that, over time, a relatively small number of sites receive the lion's share of links.’
    • ‘The lion's share of these jets are antiquated, consisting of Korean War-era aircraft.’
    • ‘TV had always been a distraction, but now computer games were taking up the lion's share of their leisure time.’
    • ‘Many of us blame our work lives for the lion's share of stress.’
    • ‘Too often, higher-paid managers or skippers take the lion's share before distributing the rest to the staff.’
    • ‘Even if other countries wanted to help, we'd still have the lion's share.’