Definition of linocutting in US English:



  • The action or technique of making a print from a linocut block.

    • ‘I have painted in most media including screenprinting, linocutting and monoprinting during the past 40 years.’
    • ‘The relief processes taught in this course include wood engraving, wood cutting and linocutting from which you can produce a wide range of graphic images.’
    • ‘The student will be instructed in the basics of printmaking using the techniques of woodcut, linocutting, screenprinting, and monoprinting.’
    • ‘This should be avoided if possible in colour linocutting as damped paper stretches and may create errors in the registration of the one colour block with another.’
    • ‘I did bung in some on cinema, art history and linocutting, but it was mostly as a sop to my conscience.’