Definition of linkable in US English:



  • 1Capable of being linked with or to something.

    ‘a phenomenon linkable to certain temporary circumstances in America’
    • ‘This convenient, attractive and very effective, linkable lighting system offers the ideal solution for domestic and commercial applications.’
    • ‘Linkable rubber gym mats are laser cut to ensure a tight fit yet are still easy to install.’
    • ‘Companies have been limited to traditional fluorescent, linkable lighting technologies that are labor-intensive to maintain.’
    • ‘Internet users probably don't even realize that AOL, Google, etc., are keeping logs of their searches, logs which in many if not most cases are linkable to a particular user.’
    • ‘The new "designer crisis" should be multi-faceted and linkable to a large number of other fake crises of the type the middle class thrill to.’
    • ‘Because the light bar is a modular lighting system, it's linkable, which is great for spreading the light throughout your workspace.’
    • ‘The process of creating the project seems also to be strongly linkable to building and sustaining team commitment and thereby to build a more robust team culture.’
    • ‘Im converting my garage into a habitable room and utility room, and want to put a linkable smoke alarm into both rooms.’
  • 2Computing
    (of online content) capable or worthy of being linked to.

    ‘the article has a nice graphic explaining the process, although it isn't linkable’
    ‘let's take a look at how to use these tools to generate linkable content’
    • ‘Wikipedia is working on making any word or phrase linkable to an array of information about that word.’
    • ‘Articles are a great way to get theme-related one-way links, linkable content and can be contracted for around $10 per 500 word article.’
    • ‘Sites that not might be very linkable still may be very sociable.’
    • ‘Why, for example, don't galleries provide total, linkable guides to every new exhibition?’
    • ‘They say they don't have the time or the money for quality linkable content.’
    • ‘I'd post a video or sound file if I could find a postable or linkable one, but I can't; you'll just have to imagine it.’