Definition of linguine in US English:


(also linguini)


  • Pasta in the form of narrow ribbons.

    • ‘Be won over by his pressed terrine of corn-fed chicken, scallops, risotto, sea bream with linguine and fishcakes with a chive beurre blanc.’
    • ‘Only the overly dense basil sauce, doused on basil linguine, and a creamy pea soup that's bizarrely addictive but oddly unsatisfying feel like miscalculated appetizers.’
    • ‘My linguine with white clam sauce photographed really well, didn't it?’
    • ‘Pasta starters also feature, such as linguine with semi-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and rocket, and pappardelle with chorizo and tomato sauce.’
    • ‘I had the linguine pasta, which came with a complex rather than punchy tomato sauce, tender olives, cheese shavings and just two slivers of sausage.’
    • ‘Then Kate presented us with lovely composed plates of linguine with red chili flakes and olive oil, steamed clams, cherry tomatoes, and bias-cut scallions.’
    • ‘‘I'd like some linguine in a white sauce with a side salad,’ I smiled up at her.’
    • ‘When it is bubbling furiously, salt it generously then add the linguine.’
    • ‘The pasta dishes could handle the fat, in that the curried linguine with prawns was rich and creamy, and the tortellini had lots of bacon and cream to accompany the peas.’
    • ‘The gamberi sausage linguine, clearly a house specialty, was served on one of those cast iron hot plates you see in Chinese restaurants.’
    • ‘After rustling up her favourite linguine with garlic oil and pancetta, Nigella changes into her dressing gown and curls up in bed, alone except for the pasta, to eat and watch telly in silence.’
    • ‘A dish of linguine with lobster and Granny Smith apples, on the other hand, sounded so wildly wrong that I ordered it for laughs, and found it very good indeed.’
    • ‘The linguine with clams and tomatoes is perfect for that first dinner candlelight, a bottle of wine, seductive music and beautiful, silky linguine.’
    • ‘In a large bowl, toss cooked linguine, tofu and veggies with peanut sauce until all are well-coated.’
    • ‘Typical restaurant meals - like linguine with clam sauce, Szechuan shrimp, or chicken tacos with beans and rice - provide roughly 1,000 calories.’
    • ‘I sometimes have red mullet cooked in olive oil in a wok with chilli flakes, chopped fresh tomatoes, anchovy fillets, fennel seeds, sliced garlic and linguine.’
    • ‘It's less successful in a monochromatic linguine special served in a sauce of vinegar and garlic cloves that ends up tasting very little like either.’
    • ‘A plate of linguine comprises ‘fragile ribbons as delicate as butterfly wings, with curls of white truffle skittering between them’.’
    • ‘They did their best and the gin came at once, but by the time a plateful of spaghetti carbonara and one of linguine alla salmone landed in front of us there were five minutes to go before the doors would be shut.’
    • ‘The rice noodles used in this recipe are widely available, or can be substituted with semolina linguine pasta.’


Italian, plural of linguina, diminutive of lingua ‘tongue’.