Definition of lingering in English:



  • Lasting for a long time or slow to end.

    ‘there are still some lingering doubts in my mind’
    ‘a painful and lingering death’
    • ‘He gave me a slow, lingering kiss, then untangled his arms and legs from mine.’
    • ‘He bent his head to give her a lingering kiss and then he was gone.’
    • ‘After that great feat, horse drawn transport was confined to a lingering death.’
    • ‘Any lingering sense of contradiction or pessimism should be dispelled by going back to the text.’
    • ‘What could be a better barometer of the spiritual health of a community than a fond desire for a lingering horrible death?’
    • ‘For me, it is the fact that I did little or nothing that stings and leaves a lingering sense of pain and sadness the most.’
    • ‘The style chosen also allows a lingering air of doubt as to where we are and when it is taking place, something left unexplained and unresolved until the close.’
    • ‘I just wasn't ready for the intervening years, and the lingering death of the idea of the single, as the industry and the media held on for as long as they could.’
    • ‘Of course you always have doubts but in this particular case I have no lingering doubt.’
    • ‘I hope you wrote it more out of desire than out of any lingering sense of obligation.’
    • ‘The cheer that resonates around arenas as races are won and world records are broken is always accompanied by the lingering doubt that the feats are enhanced by drugs.’
    • ‘The letter's description was found to be true with the foul smell still lingering in the surrounding air.’
    • ‘There was no lingering sense of familiarity that made most Americans give him a second glance, even with his died hair and previously colored contacts.’
    • ‘He could feel it, too - just at the edge of his consciousness was a lingering sense of doubt.’
    • ‘Here may be a way to put all those lingering doubts to rest and see for yourself the efficacy of alternative therapies.’
    • ‘Better he should have a quick separation than an ugly lingering death.’
    • ‘As the seconds ticked away, lingering doubts loomed large.’
    • ‘Of course, the second series does have a few lingering clouds of doubt.’
    • ‘And yet there is a lingering sense that each avoids the critical questions.’
    • ‘But both Delhi and Washington have much to do to allay lingering doubts.’
    • ‘Tiny diagrammatic shapes seemed to float in the darkness when I closed my eyes, and my ears sensed the lingering reverberation of a guitar in the distance.’
    remaining, surviving, persisting, abiding, nagging, niggling, gnawing, lasting, residual
    protracted, persistent, prolonged, long-drawn-out, long-lasting, lasting, dragging, chronic, unabating, long-standing
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