Definition of lingerer in US English:



  • See linger

    • ‘‘Please evacuate this facility, the president wishes to use it,’ they would have ordered any lingerers, hardly giving them time to zip up their flies.’
    • ‘The best bars attract a diverse clientele, and the Local pulls in post-work lingerers, students, canoodling couples and pre-clubbers in equal measure.’
    • ‘While many leave as early as the end of July, a few late lingerers sometimes remain into early winter, visiting suet or hummingbird feeders.’
    • ‘He said officers should ‘crack down on lingerers’ and was told the council is trying to prevent staff taking a half day sick after weekends and bank holidays without being ill.’
    • ‘What drew slightly more attention was his penchant for staying after class, gently proselytizing about Jesus to some of the younger lingerers.’