Definition of lines of communication in US English:

lines of communication


  • 1The connections between an army in the field and its bases.

    • ‘The Resistance forces moved quickly and in a well-organized manner to carry out the orders on guarding roads and protecting lines of communication.’
    • ‘The U.S. force operated with minimal reliance on ground lines of communication for sustainment.’
    • ‘The garrison troops manning the regional bases of operation will facilitate local stability, maintain the lines of communication, and provide logistical support.’
    • ‘The complex organization, which equipped and supplied the army, and maintaining lines of communication, was the real basis of its success.’
    • ‘Another frustrating aspect of Germany's security efforts was the susceptibility of German lines of communication to partisan attack.’
    • ‘The experience of past wars and local conflicts shows that the state of lines of communication and transportation assets largely determines success in war.’
    • ‘Commanders pooled together forces from different services and different combat arms and learned how to control them in the face of extended lines of communication.’
    • ‘Overall, it made more than 6,000 sorties, of which almost 3,000 were directed at disrupting the enemy sea lines of communication.’
    • ‘When enemy lines of communication are disrupted, naval forces may pursue a tactical operation against separate convoys sailing along the coast.’
    • ‘Well-placed enemy units were exploiting the long lines of communication, delaying resupply efforts of much needed ammunition to the frontline troops.’
    1. 1.1 Any system for communicating information or ideas.
      ‘bureaucracies are characterized by established lines of communication’
      • ‘‘What is clear is the need for dialogue and lines of communication to remain open,’ he said.’
      • ‘Companies with good communication records are those which have open lines of communication between the car park attendant and the chairman of the board.’
      • ‘This will include clear lines of communication through Tourist Information Centres and the Yorkshire Tourist Board so that people are aware of the area's attractions.’
      • ‘The criminal then controls the lines of communication between the bank and its customer, and can ask for millions of pounds to be transferred to their own account.’
      • ‘The lines of communication between me and my players are wide open and the intention is to improve the whole team by each one of us giving our best.’
      • ‘To establish clear lines of communication between senior leaders to reduce chances of miscommunication and miscalculation.’
      • ‘One of the biggest challenges that faced the area was the need to open lines of communication among communities that are geographically separate and also different in racial and cultural backgrounds.’
      • ‘This will benefit the centers since it will inject new lines of communication and bring new ways of thinking into the system.’
      • ‘The Society uses a mentoring aspect to open lines of communication between leaders to share knowledge with subordinates.’
      • ‘Building new lines of communication over evaluation results, registration information, and expectations of firms has all required patience from the firms.’