Definition of line someone/something up in US English:

line someone/something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Arrange a number of people or things in a straight row.

    • ‘A few other tables were lined up in a perfectly straight row across the room.’
    • ‘At nearby Sardjito Hospital, bodies were lined up in the hallway and some family members were taking them home before they could be added to the official toll.’
    • ‘The Primary school kids were all lined up in front of the pews when I arrived.’
    • ‘Then paratroopers came in and took everybody out of the house and lined them up against the wall.’
    • ‘I looked at the house across the street and saw that three cars were lined up in front of it, as if in a funeral procession.’
    • ‘At the school, boys and girls were lined up in their Friday best to present Greg with wreaths of paper flowers.’
    • ‘The teachers were well organised - they lined the pupils up and led them down the stairs.’
    • ‘On the other side of the motorway about 65 cars and 12 motorbikes were lined up for the anti-speed camera demo.’
    • ‘The troops were lined up above the water-tanks on the beach.’
    • ‘Musical instruments were lined up along the way leading to the newly built auditorium.’
    • ‘I had just labeled all the boxes and lined them up on the floor when I heard the front door open.’
    • ‘A group of men were lined up against a wall and mugged as they walked along Dukes Avenue last Friday at about 11.30 pm.’
    • ‘Double-decker buses were lined up outside the gates.’
    • ‘We walked down the sleepy rural streets to the bay where all the oyster boats were lined up.’
    arrange in a line, arrange in lines, put in rows, arrange in columns
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    1. 1.1line up (of a number of people or things) be arranged in a straight row.
      ‘we would line up across the parade ground, shoulder to shoulder’
      • ‘Major corporations including Lloyds TSB and Motorola are lining up for a slice of the action.’
      • ‘Before we knew it, the players were lining up to take penalty kicks at the goal in the hope of eliminating their opponents.’
      • ‘One thing is for sure if Keane wants to continue on playing there will be no shortage of clubs lining up to sign him.’
      • ‘A queue of about 150 people were lining up to get into a nondescript-looking door.’
      • ‘Talented drivers between the age of 16 and 23 will line up on the starting grid.’
      • ‘People lined up around the block in pouring rain for tickets.’
      • ‘Were you nervous when you lined up on the grid?’
      • ‘Developers are lining up to convert former mills into luxury apartments or build new ones on brownfield sites.’
      form a queue, form a line, form lines, get into columns, get into rows, file, queue up, group together, fall in, straighten up
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  • 2Have someone or something ready or prepared.

    ‘have you got any work lined up?’
    • ‘A host of speakers have been lined up for the forum, which will take place at Bradford City's Bradford & Bingley Stadium, and there will also be themed workshops.’
    • ‘The Australian has been offered a five-year contract to take over coaching duties, but two other highly rated personnel have been lined up in case he turns it down.’
    • ‘About 11 interactive games and events were lined up for the teachers.’
    • ‘A total of nine key speakers have been lined up to speak, including the Minister of State at the Department of the Environment.’
    • ‘Irish investors will be lined up to buy hotel developments that Fitzpatrick will then manage.’
    • ‘He had a summer job lined up for the following year and the promise of a full-time position when he graduated.’
    • ‘Besides the new report, apparently around a hundred witnesses have been lined up to give evidence.’
    • ‘Conferences were held, donors were lined up, and money pledged towards the reconstruction effort.’
    • ‘The Flag pub in Bridge Street is lining up some of the area's finest bands to raise cash for the tsunami appeal.’
    • ‘Having a training plan lined up for new employees keeps them involved in their own learning process.’
    • ‘A troupe of street performers were lined up to provide pre-show atmosphere at Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.’
    assemble, get together, organize, prepare, arrange, lay on
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