Definition of line manager in US English:

line manager


  • A person with direct managerial responsibility for a particular employee.

    • ‘Talk to your employer, line manager or human resources department about what support is available for you.’
    • ‘From yesterday, instead of calling a council line manager, sick carers and social workers phone a special number to explain absences to a team of 12 occupational health nurses in Hammersmith.’
    • ‘Is it his line manager who failed to check that the job was done according to the correct standards - standards to which the fitter had been trained and tested on regularly?’
    • ‘Instead of contacting their line manager, an employee calling in sick must now speak to a nurse from private health care organisation Active Health.’
    • ‘That was the conclusion that I reached and felt as the line manager in question I had to.’
    • ‘The line manager can check not only the employees leave record, they can also check to find whether they can cover the workers position while they're away.’
    • ‘We know he was an honourable man because he came forward to his line manager at the Ministry and admitted that he was probably the primary source the story.’
    • ‘I always think the line manager should take direct responsibility for keeping an individual officer informed about the progress.’
    • ‘Under the three month trial, adult services employees - home and residential carers and social workers - do not contact their line manager when sick.’
    • ‘If an employee wants to take the matter, they can seek to have someone more senior than their line manager make the decision.’
    • ‘The incident was witnessed by another carer, who complained to her line manager but he did nothing, later claiming he had not been told about it.’
    • ‘They can put requests in, and if they are not dealt with then they can complain to a line manager.’
    • ‘I have had support from my line manager, I have had support from the highest ranks in the Police Service, and wherever I have gone I have had support.’
    • ‘A few years ago, working for my ex employer, I was bullied and picked on by my line manager and one of his friends who worked with us.’
    • ‘In an ideal word, you will want your line manager, whatever his rank, to be fair, have judgment, integrity, does not discriminate; all those good things.’
    • ‘If someone is considered to have a drink problem, whether or not this is affecting the standard of their work or their level of attendance, their line manager should deal with it.’
    • ‘Employees enter an agreement with their line manager that they will improve their sales results within a fixed period.’
    • ‘It is really any dispute that might arise between an officer or a police staff and their line manager, and that is the first port of call for dealing with those sorts of internal disputes.’
    • ‘The report stated that my line manager should discuss my current work situation with me with a view to making any possible alterations to the workplace to enable me to return.’
    • ‘But the inquiry was told that he disputed Mr Smith's account of the meeting during evidence to two Parliamentary inquires and in an interview with his line manager at the Ministry.’
    executive, head of department, supervisor, principal, administrator, head, boss, director, managing director, employer, superintendent, foreman, forewoman, overseer
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line manager

/laɪn ˈmænɪdʒər/