Definition of line dance in US English:

line dance


  • See line dancing

    • ‘Most people looked at each other in confusion, and then the man explained that there was to be a line dance that everyone would learn the steps and do it together.’
    • ‘If you want to join a class and learn how to line dance, there will be classes every Monday night in Sooey Hall starting at 8.30p.m.’
    • ‘In one longish sequence, a dance leader shouts out instructions at a bar, as patrons (mostly women) follow dutifully, performing a line dance that could also be an aerobics routine.’
    • ‘They taught him the Madison, the line dance that originated in Baltimore and then swept the country.’
    • ‘The world's leaders join each other for coffee and a line dance for the crowd of photographers, and then proceed to a most undignified rush from room to room for ‘bilateral talks’.’