Definition of line-item veto in US English:

line-item veto

(also item veto)


  • The power of a president, governor, or other elected executive to reject individual provisions of a bill.

    • ‘In fiscal matters, for example, many state governments, unlike the federal government, require a balanced budget and allow the governor a line-item veto.’
    • ‘In late July, he signed the new state budget and used a line-item veto to eliminate a $1 million increase to the California Arts Council.’
    • ‘Mr Smith of Georgia largely ignored local concerns in favor of high-minded issues such as the line-item veto.’
    • ‘He even managed to pass a line-item veto, which would have allowed the President to cut pork from the Congress's legislation, had it not been declared unconstitutional.’
    • ‘I used the line-item veto 943 times and was never overridden once.’
    • ‘The Governor has line-item veto over the bill, but it is uncertain what her status may be, as she reportedly is in line for a Cabinet position in the administration.’
    • ‘One of the least happy days in my life was telling the President that he could not exercise an inherent line-item veto because it wasn't implicit in the Constitution.’
    • ‘The Fiscal Responsibility Act is a balanced budget/tax limitation amendment and a legislative line-item veto to restore fiscal responsibility to an out-of-control Congress.’
    • ‘Would like to see a line-item veto that passed constitutional muster.’
    • ‘The line-item veto caught the state's medical device industry by surprise.’