Definition of line-caught in US English:



  • Denoting a fish that has been caught with a rod and fishing line, not by trawling with a net.

    ‘the smartest sushi bars only ever buy line-caught tuna’
    • ‘A cold beer on your private veranda and line-caught mahi mahi will do every bit as well.’
    • ‘Pan-fried fillet of line-caught halibut, hand rolled macaroni, sauteed wild mushrooms covered in a cappuccino and truffle essence is just one example of the taste sensations.’
    • ‘Misaki is Japan's primary port for the landing of line-caught tuna.’
    • ‘Or the way a wild, line-caught specimen, haphazardly cleaned, can taste vaguely like bayou silt.’
    • ‘I'm not happy eating trawled scallops or bass, but line-caught from the locals is great.’
    • ‘Line-caught fish cost more, sometimes twice the price of trawl-caught fish.’
    • ‘Make sure you choose line-caught tuna.’
    • ‘Ask for line-caught fish from day-boats working out of small ports in Cornwall and Devon.’
    • ‘The Chilean Sea Bass wasn't line-caught.’
    • ‘Go for line-caught fish for less bycatch.’
    • ‘Locals arrive and flip down the backs of their 4x4s laden with the week's produce, whether its chanterelles, venison, pheasant, line-caught salmon or the latest crop of beetroots and lettuces.’
    • ‘"Most of our fish is line-caught, or if trawled it is using Danish seine techniques and not beam or pair trawling," he said.’
    • ‘I don't suppose the staff get asked whether their fish is line-caught very often.’
    • ‘'Farmed' tuna is ruining the line-caught business.’
    • ‘On the night we were there fresh local langoustines with truffle and artichoke dressing jostled for menu space with line-caught seabass in a scallop, fennel and wine sauce.’
    • ‘I don't want them having a line-caught sea bass on a bed of crushed new potatoes with a lemon grass vinaigrette.’
    • ‘It isn't just a bistro, it's a locally sourced, line-caught, farm-assured bistro.’
    • ‘For a clearer conscience: Look for line-caught fish from day boats.’
    • ‘First the fish counter: snow-white hake from Newlyn, line-caught wild sea bass from Dartmouth, River Fowey oysters and mussels from the River Fowey and some stunning local turbot.’
    • ‘This was 150 per cent more than the frozen line-caught bluefin in Misaki and the most expensive dead fish on offer in Tsukiji that morning.’