Definition of liminality in US English:



  • See liminal

    • ‘These barriers, located in the near environment, sometimes unknowingly accepted by us and often tacitly deployed through routine decisions and judgments, persist as a vestige of our liminality…’
    • ‘He gives the example of initiation into adulthood as a period of liminality in Ndembu society, when the norms of everyday life no longer pertain.’
    • ‘In the context of ongoing explorations of notions of liminality, hybridity, and social agency in postcolonial modernity, a figure like Crowther permits us to ask questions such as these.’
    • ‘Pertaining to baroque poetics and a major feature of perception is Iago's strategy of liminality, by which he conducts his victim to the door of perception, whether visual or verbal.’
    • ‘Despite notable differences within the sample, participants shared legal liminality, a racialized national identity as Mexican immigrant women, and marginal economic positions.’