Definition of lime sulfur in US English:

lime sulfur


  • An insecticide and fungicide containing calcium polysulfides, made by boiling lime and sulfur in water.

    • ‘Next spring, before new growth starts, spray the plant with copper fungicide or lime sulfur as a preventative.’
    • ‘To control peach blight and peach leaf curl, spray with lime sulfur mixed with dormant oil after leaves have dropped; repeat in January or early February.’
    • ‘Spray affected plants with sulfur or lime sulfur to control these pests.’
    • ‘For peach leaf curl on peach and nectarine trees, spray with lime sulfur after leaves fall.’
    • ‘In early spring before growth begins, spray a combination of dormant oil and lime sulfur.’
    • ‘After pruning but before flowers and leaves appear, spray fruit trees with a mixture of dormant oil and lime sulfur or oil and copper.’
    • ‘You should begin by applying a fungicide product containing Bacillus subtilis, jojoba oil, sulfur or lime sulfur when the initial white patches are observed.’