Definition of lima bean in US English:

lima bean


  • 1An edible flat whitish bean.

    See also butter bean
    • ‘Soon we'll have baby carrots and lima beans to eat with our basil, rosemary, cilantro and parsley.’
    • ‘It's those comments or drop in's that throw you off course and make you push away your third plate of lima beans.’
    • ‘That aside, Sarah was quite happy eating nuked veggies except for lima beans which she would leave in a neat little pile or a neat little line on her high chair tray.’
    • ‘Then add cauliflower, lima beans, zucchini and yellow squash.’
    • ‘Boiled fresh, they make a good vegetable, like lima beans in flavour.’
    • ‘According to the hypothesis, predators that have been reared on lima bean and have left the prey patch during a short time respond to a general ‘image’ of the odor.’
    • ‘I have suggested flageolet or lima beans here as they survive the canning process rather better than some.’
    • ‘I'll never force you to eat lima beans, Leta, not like Grandma.’
    • ‘The bar handed out lima beans (poor man's shrimp) and sardines to complement our beer.’
    • ‘She had tiny hands and fingers good for reaching into tight places to pick lima beans.’
    • ‘I'm not a fan of lima beans, but these had a subtle goodness instead of the overpowering flavor of usual lima beans, and no crumbly texture.’
    • ‘Finish seeding bush snap beans, lima beans, sweet corn, winter and summer squash by early May to avoid heat damage.’
    • ‘The taste of fresh favas stewed or simmered is somewhere between that of peas and lima beans.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be so bad if saturated and trans fats were found only in beets, lima beans, sheep's milk and haggis.’
    • ‘So yeah, lima beans may be the bane of youths world wide.’
    • ‘Taken orally or as an injection, laetrile is a purified form of amygdalin, a chemical found in lima beans, raw nuts and the pits of many fruits.’
    • ‘His hair was pointing in ten different directions, and he had a lima bean stuck to his bulgy cheek.’
    • ‘Cut back and focus on getting more of your protein from vegetables like chickpeas and lima beans.’
    • ‘Our culinary forebears hired starchy German ladies to feed their children, and tended to regard a pot of boiled lima beans as a gourmet event.’
    • ‘Noontime dinners and evening suppers often include beef or chicken dishes, and vegetables in season from the family garden, such as peas, corn, green beans, lima beans, and carrots.’
    1. 1.1 The tropical American plant that yields lima beans.
      • ‘Uninfested lima bean plants were cut and placed with the stem in water in a vial for 3 days in a climate room (23 1°C, 50-70% relative humdity, and 16 h: 8 h light: dark).’
      • ‘The dispersal of adult big-eyed bugs from lima bean plants with pods was significantly lower than the dispersal of big-eyed bugs from plants without pods.’
      • ‘Big-eyed bug survival was higher, and emigration was lower, when lima bean plants had pods than when they did not.’
      • ‘We caged either 100 or 200 pea aphids on a single lima bean plant with or without pods, with or without a single big-eyed bug, and with or without 20 corn earworm eggs.’
      • ‘These beans thrive in cool weather and should be planted earlier than snap, soy or lima beans.’
      • ‘To test this hypothesis, we established 20 X 30 m field plots of lima beans with many pods and with few pods.’
      • ‘Individual big-eyed bugs consumed fewer prey when bean plants had pods, and aphid populations were larger when caged with big-eyed bugs on lima bean plants with pods than on pod-free plants.’
      • ‘Sow southern peas when the soil is thoroughly warm, about the time that lima beans can be planted (or two weeks after the first corn goes in).’


Mid 18th century: lima from the name of the Peruvian capital Lima.


lima bean

/ˈlēmə ˌbēn//ˈlimə ˌbin/