Definition of like that in US English:

like that


  • 1Of that nature or in that manner.

    ‘we need more people like that’
    ‘don't talk like that’
    • ‘I think she was being totally disrespectful and that it's not okay for her to talk to me like that.’
    • ‘If my mom was here she wouldn't let them talk to me like that, but since she isn't I have to deal with it.’
    like that, like this, in that way, in this way, in that manner, in this manner, in that fashion, in this fashion, so, like so
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  • 2informal With no preparation or introduction; instantly or effortlessly.

    ‘he can't just leave like that’
    • ‘The statement was allowed to go just like that and no one even asked why the case was so.’
    • ‘It is an amazing thing, a man you have thought might be dead suddenly speaking to you just like that.’