Definition of like mad in English:

like mad


  • With great intensity, energy, or enthusiasm.

    ‘I ran like mad’
    • ‘It was busy - four weeks to Christmas and all the normal people are shopping like mad.’
    • ‘On Saturday morning every bone and muscle was hurting like mad but we still had to soldier on.’
    • ‘Picking up speed to escape imminent danger, he ran like mad to the finishing line.’
    • ‘I swam like mad towards the surface, harder than I've ever swum in my life, breathing the last of my air.’
    • ‘The next morning all the servants were running around like mad preparing for the party that evening.’
    • ‘The seven were still together and with the heads down they sprinted like mad for the line.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, Athena, sitting in front of her laptop, began to type like mad.’
    • ‘My pedals are squeaking like mad, despite liberal lubrication.’
    • ‘The two looked at each other for a second, then fired like crazy and ran like mad.’
    • ‘My eyes are hurting like mad, this means I will probably have a cold soon.’
    fast, furiously, as fast as possible, as fast as one's legs can carry one, hurriedly, quickly, rapidly, speedily, hastily
    energetically, enthusiastically, madly, with a will, for all one is worth, passionately, intensely, ardently, fervently
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