Definition of like (or for) grim death in US English:

like (or for) grim death


  • With great determination.

    ‘we had to hold on like grim death’
    • ‘I have seen people clinging on for grim death as they were almost tossed over the side.’
    • ‘Argentina have won most of the plaudits so far, and they were certainly impressive with their movement, pace and skill, but they were also hanging on for grim death against the Ivory Coast at the end.’
    • ‘Moments later they were hanging on for grim death.’
    • ‘They follow a proven formula: you get a job, you then get a mortgage and you then hang on like grim death to your job to pay off the mortgage.’
    • ‘I couldn't hear a thing - I just held on for grim death.’
    • ‘People were hanging on for grim death as I looked around for the sick bag!’
    • ‘‘Three of us clung on for grim death and we survived,’ said Paul McGeough of Australia ‘s Sydney Morning Herald.’’
    • ‘It would have made for marvelous photos, except that I was too busy hanging on to my horse for grim death.’
    • ‘If you dare look outside while you are clinging on for grim death, you see the bus is a few inches from the dawdling car in front, the airhorn urging the driver to move it, or move over.’
    • ‘They held on like grim death to their advantage for eight minutes and actually came close to adding another score.’