Definition of likableness in US English:


(also likeableness)


  • See likable

    • ‘Moreover, their congregations seemed to desire likeableness in their pastors-not challenging and prophetic preaching, or any other gift or skill nurtured within seminary walls.’
    • ‘He hasn't lost his charm, nor has his infectious likableness diminished, even 18 years after his original arrival.’
    • ‘He had climbed the ladder by a combination of brains, energy, efficiency, adroit networking and sheer likeableness.’
    • ‘He's got a terse dry wit which, erm, some might say skirts very closely to the fringes of arrogance - phew, I said it - but for me it only adds to his gruff likeableness.’
    • ‘Polivka is able to sustain the likeableness of Josef in scenes that threaten, mock, and humiliate him.’