Definition of likability in US English:


(also likeability)


  • See likable

    • ‘But presidents-as all leaders-must be judged by history not on the basis of their personal likeability, but by the real-world effects of their policies.’
    • ‘He was pretty lame early on when he tried to establish his personal likeability.’
    • ‘There's no denying the man's personal likability, his down-to-earth nature and his devotion to his family, his staff, his clients and his favorite charity, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.’
    • ‘Most voters have a complicated range of reasons why they vote the way they do, from tribal identity to personal likeability and reasoned discussion of the issues is way down the list.’
    • ‘Branding is a unique business identity including, but not limited to, personality, quality and likability.’