Definition of lignification in US English:



  • See lignify

    • ‘These include host cell browning around the penetration site, phytoalexin accumulation, lignification and cell wall phenolic deposition, and pathogenesis-related protein induction.’
    • ‘As plants do not possess a mechanism to degrade lignins, lignification represents a significant, non-recoverable investment of carbon and energy.’
    • ‘It seems to be associated with lignification of host endodermis and pericycle cells at the penetration site.’
    • ‘Moreover, as fruit ripens, the achenes (a combination of seed and ovary tissue) undergo a strong lignification of their thick pericarp.’
    • ‘Increased rates of suberization and lignification in the exodermis may lead to a greater resistance to the entry of materials into the root apoplast.’