Definition of lightsome in English:



  • 1Merry and carefree.

    • ‘Then was Christian glad and lightsome, and said, with a merry heart, He hath given me rest by his sorrow, and life by his death.’
    • ‘I have known a Man thoughtful, melancholy, and raving for divers days, who forthwith grew wonderfully easy, lightsome and cheerful, upon a Discharge of the peccant Humour, in exceeding purulent Metre.’
    • ‘Addressing vast audiences, the former slave ‘touches chords in the inner chambers thereof which vibrate music now sweet, now sad, now lightsome, now solemn, now startling, now grand, now majestic, now sublime’.’
    • ‘So what had seemed darksome before now appears most perfectly lightsome to every sort of person-to the dense as well as to the discerning.’
    • ‘In those long lightsome Irish summer evenings when the sun doesn't sink until after ten o'clock, the family would linger onboard at the mooring.’
  • 2Gracefully nimble.

    ‘lightsome, high-flying dancers’
    • ‘Then you take a little jump, and what follows immediately is lightsome and pattering.’
    nimble, deft, agile, lithe, limber, lissom, flexible, supple, adroit, graceful, acrobatic, lively, active, quick, quick-moving, spry, sprightly
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