Definition of lights out in US English:

lights out


  • Bedtime in a school dormitory, military barracks, or other institution, when lights should be switched off.

    • ‘The machine is in the bedroom as it's also a DVD player so we were able to watch this on Friday night before lights out!’
    • ‘Bedtime around here is 10.30 pm, lights out at 11.’
    • ‘My mom says lights out in one minute, so I got to put you away.’
    • ‘The officer locked them in and then left them, telling them it would be lights out in two minutes.’
    • ‘So, he worked, counting down the minutes until lights out.’
    • ‘The older children, the over 16's, were allowed forty-five minutes more, before lights out at ten.’
    • ‘The other night, just before lights out in the barracks, the girl I sleep beside on a regular basis had what I thought was a pretty perceptive thought - for a girl.’
    • ‘We had about twenty minutes before lights out every night.’
    • ‘A few minutes before lights out on the ship, Jessica walked up to Ian's door and knocked.’
    • ‘I only have one minute until lights out, so I'll explain tomorrow.’