Definition of light well in US English:

light well


  • An open area or vertical shaft in the center of a building, typically roofed with glass, bringing natural light to the lower floors or basement.

    • ‘Natural light pours in through a mezzanine area with a light well that runs down from the attic and through the centre of the first floor landing.’
    • ‘To reduce the damage to the site, this new structure is built into the hilltop, with more than one-third of the floor area embedded in the ground and illuminated by light wells.’
    • ‘Light and space is brought into the heart of the ground floor through light wells, glass walls and a common internal/external paving scheme.’
    • ‘To do that, the design made prolific use of glass - light wells, atriums and even some in systems furniture - along with 11-foot ceilings.’
    • ‘Natural light pours in from a large velux window set in the high ceiling, as well as a small light well at the centre of the room.’
    • ‘The 1,750 sq ft bungalow is made up of three buildings connected by modules that act as light wells and avoid claustrophobic corridors.’
    • ‘The platform doubles as a cavernous storage cupboard, and during the renovation the Devoys uncovered a Victorian light well in the ceiling.’
    • ‘A light well has been created into the lower ground floor area and there is also a translucent bridge.’
    • ‘The insides are festooned with lively Portuguese limestone tiling and tinted glass light wells.’
    • ‘The walls that open to the light well are striated into four horizontal bands of three materials.’
    • ‘One of the rooms could have served as a courtyard or a light well, but clear indications of such a function are absent.’
    • ‘The central atrium has vertical glass tubes acting as light well and hot air outlet.’
    • ‘A light well toward the back of the public space between buildings will provide illumination to spaces below grade.’
    • ‘The deck of this space, made of plastic bars, is situated over a large light well that provides daylight to the basement.’
    • ‘Light has been made an architectural element by means of skylights at intersections of wall and ceiling, and a light well over the stairs.’
    • ‘Upstairs, etched glass light wells diffuse luminance into the restaurant and glazed screens enclose private rooms.’
    • ‘The building is also penetrated by light wells affording daylight to many galleries; other spaces, underground, provide darkness where video and film can play at large scale.’
    • ‘The Phillips Reading Room, in the Widener Library, is one of two study areas made usable by an innovative skylight system over a previously unoccupied light well.’
    • ‘I remember the high school in Altoona, Pennsylvania, with its dome visible from all over the town, and its wonderful three-story open light well.’
    • ‘The transformation will also include a pair of ten-storey steel staircases and nine storey steel-framed infills for two existing light wells.’
    mineshaft, tunnel, passage, pit, adit, downcast, upcast
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