Definition of light machine gun in US English:

light machine gun


  • Any air-cooled machine gun with a caliber no greater than .30 inch (7.6 mm).

    • ‘At first, they will carry only assault rifles and some light machine guns in a country where rocket-propelled grenade launchers are sometimes displayed at funerals.’
    • ‘It can be mounted on almost any weapon, but is most commonly found on rifles and light machine guns.’
    • ‘One of them cleaned and checked a captured light machine gun while the others ate the remnants of a thin chicken stew cooked several hours earlier.’
    • ‘‘Their weapons were more powerful than our Kalashnikovs,’ said the officer yesterday, adding that the ‘unknown men fired mortars, explosives and light machine guns from four directions’.’
    • ‘This brings up the possibility of burst fire sniping with machine guns, a now dead technique once employed quite effectively by the Japanese in World War II with scope sighted light machine guns.’
    • ‘In 1916, the Marines adopted the King armored car, armed with a light machine gun.’
    • ‘Each soldier is in charge of a particular weapon: light machine guns, mortars, anti-aircraft guns.’
    • ‘Weapon variants include a carbine, a special compact version to increase portability, a designated marksman version to engage distant targets, and a light machine gun to engage area targets.’
    • ‘She will fly with three door-gunners in the back manning M - 60 light machine guns and carrying flares to deflect missiles.’
    • ‘The question now was where to employ the heavy machine guns to best support and reinforce the light machine guns and strengthen King Company's defense.’
    • ‘On the ranges of Fort Devens, the troops were put through their paces on US weapons, from the stock-in-trade M16 assault rifle to the frighteningly-effective M249 SAW light machine gun.’
    • ‘The range of weaponry is quite wide, from a knife through pistols, light machine guns and assault rifles to automatic shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and hand grenades.’
    • ‘He was dressed in urban combat fatigues and armed with a light machine gun.’
    • ‘British infantry - believed to include Royal Marines - are to be equipped with a weapon described by Defence Procurement Minister Lord Bach as ‘one of the most effective light machine guns in the world.’’
    • ‘The British assault class also wields a curious looking primary armament, the Bren light machine gun, which can deliver an entire clip with considerable accuracy and very little reticule drift, even during a prolonged burst of fire.’
    • ‘The camp, between August 1 and 13, also saw young recruits introduced to weapon handling, while elder cadets got to fire a light machine gun.’
    • ‘Some of the light machine guns also found their way into the hands of collectors mostly as ‘DEWATs’ (deactivated war trophies).’
    • ‘‘They were made to stand in a long line and five or six of our fighters used light machine guns to kill them,’ the commander told a French news agency.’
    • ‘These included a shortened carbine, a sniper rifle, a belt-fed light machine gun, and a heavy-barreled squad automatic weapon.’
    • ‘In one corner, there's a pile of AK - 47s and light machine guns.’