Definition of ligate in US English:



[with object]usually be ligated
  • Tie up or otherwise close off (an artery or vessel).

    • ‘Army nurses worked autonomously in the surgical arena, triaging the wounded, initiating blood transfusions, beginning penicillin regimens for those with open wounds, suturing, and ligating vessels.’
    • ‘The left gastric vessels are then ligated taking the associated nodal tissue with it and avoiding any injury to the common hepatic or splenic arteries.’
    • ‘Then, the arteries were doubly ligated with silk sutures simultaneously.’
    • ‘We performed a splenectomy and ligated the bleeding vessels.’
    • ‘The cystic artery is ligated and transected and the gallbladder is dissected from the gallbladder fossa and the right hepatic lobe.’


Late 16th century: from Latin ligat- ‘tied’, from the verb ligare.