Definition of lifeworld in US English:



  • All the immediate experiences, activities, and contacts that make up the world of an individual or corporate life.

    • ‘The laying bare of the essential structures of the lifeworld would be what Husserl calls the ontology of the lifeworld.’
    • ‘Let me outline this in the form of two simple propositions: Modernity pluralizes the lifeworlds of individuals and consequently undermines all taken-for-granted certainties.’
    • ‘But we also have the hermeneutical account of the everyday world of our own activities and individual things in our lifeworld, such as a workshop.’
    • ‘By the lifeworld we understand the shared common understandings, including values, that develop through face to face contacts over time in various social groups, from families to communities.’
    • ‘You might want to consider it as a meta-ideology - a notion of when to apply analysis and abstracted reason to the lifeworld in which we interact and exist.’


1940s: translating German Lebenswelt.