Definition of lifebuoy in US English:



  • A life preserver, especially one in the shape of a ring.

    • ‘As the tragedy unfolded, the eyewitness tried to find a lifebuoy.’
    • ‘For some reason best known to whoever it was, a lifebuoy on Abbeyside strand was taken from its berthing and shamelessly burned.’
    • ‘Peterhead clings to its harbour like a man overboard grips a lifebuoy.’
    • ‘Meanwhile on Friday last Sligo Harbour Commissioners placed 15 lifebuoys on their stretch of the river from Hughes Bridge to the deepwater.’
    • ‘Elsewhere the Committee Secretary has contacted the Irish Water Safety Association to establish the number of lifebuoys needed and where they should be located.’
    • ‘We need to make sure that the proper back-up in is place so that we don't ever have a situation again where there are no lifebuoys.’
    • ‘That carries a cost and the cost rises with every act of vandalism where lifebuoys or ropes are removed.’
    • ‘He flung lifebuoys to them before jumping into the sea himself.’
    • ‘These lifebuoys are there to save lives and I hope these people don't find themselves responsible for a death.’
    • ‘Apart from the need for lifebuoys, the water safety report highlighted a number of hazards along the river.’
    • ‘Gradually, medicine took over, and, although the Society continued to provide equipment like lifebuoys until the mid-20th century, its focus switched to awards for courage.’
    • ‘As usual bag after bag was filled with litter but, more alarmingly, ten lifebuoys were hauled out from this short stretch.’
    • ‘A brand new lifebuoy now sits on a post adjacent to Lake McKay at the Australian Defence College in Weston, Canberra.’
    • ‘Like a shipwrecked man clinging to a punctured lifebuoy, Scotland found it increasingly difficult to keep their heads above water and it is to their credit that they were not entirely submerged before the finish.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The city of Derry had a similar problem along the Foyle but they brought in alarmed lifebuoys.’’
    • ‘In the inquiry report the Captain was criticised for failing to set up a proper lookout and for failing to deploy his vessel's lifebuoys and life raft.’
    • ‘He said a lifebuoy closest to the scene had been replaced three days before the incident, but was not there on the day.’
    • ‘They are framed by a lifebuoy from the former Aranui ferry, which was dedicated on the same day as their school.’
    • ‘What is required is a motion demanding that the executive include funds under the appropriate heading for the purchase and maintenance of lifebuoys along the river.’
    • ‘As the badly injured seaman struggled to stay afloat in the freezing water - he was not wearing a lifejacket - crewmen from his ship threw lifebuoys.’
    • ‘He has called for the installation of 12 lifebuoys along the one-and-a-half-mile stretch of water from Doorly Park to the river mouth.’