Definition of life skill in US English:

life skill


usually life skills
  • A skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.

    ‘sharing with a sibling can help children learn important life skills’
    • ‘There was no way that I had the life skills.’
    • ‘Many violent crimes are perpetrated by men who have very limited life skills.’
    • ‘There is also a motivational speaker who comes in from time to time to give lectures on juvenile delinquency, HIV and life skills.’
    • ‘Youths at risk have received valuable life skills by attending a joint program at the School of Infantry.’
    • ‘The courses teach a variety of vital life skills students will need in the working world.’
    • ‘But you can't institutionalise childhood, and you can't rely on schools to teach life skills.’
    • ‘Research has shown board games are excellent tools for encouraging social interaction amongst children and teaching them valuable life skills.’
    • ‘In the meantime, you may not get much help in acquiring new life skills.’
    • ‘Stacey uses the coupon system to teach Ryan and Brianne a number of life skills.’
    • ‘They told us that basic life skills are very much needed by their clients.’
    • ‘Knowing French can help you attain a number of important life skills.’
    • ‘She introduced specialist learning with play rooms to help pupils develop life skills.’
    • ‘Our crew members enjoy flexible schedules, training inputs and the chance to work in an amiable atmosphere while learning valuable life skills.’
    • ‘Any life skill therefore cannot be internalised through a short-term course.’
    • ‘A drama project and a tradition hard skills programme provides an opportunity to acquire new life skills and enhance employment prospects.’
    • ‘Reading impacts us in a way that no other art form - or life skill - can duplicate.’
    • ‘The organization calls for a liberal dissemination of information and life skills.’
    • ‘She is also taught basic literacy, numeric skills, a vocational skill, and some business training, health care and life skills.’
    • ‘And some camps now place greater emphasis on drug and alcohol treatment, intensive counseling, basic education, and training in life skills.’
    • ‘Undergraduates should be offered courses in life skills, with the facts about their possible futures laid out.’