Definition of life-saving in US English:



  • Serving or intended to save a person's life, especially from illness or injury.

    ‘life-saving drugs’
    ‘he is due to undergo a life-saving operation within weeks’
    ‘Mary's life-saving work in Africa’
    • ‘Early antibiotic therapy may be life-saving.’
    • ‘Its personnel are extensively trained in life-saving techniques.’
    • ‘Do we insist upon patients accepting life-saving treatment which is contrary to their strongly held religious beliefs?’
    • ‘Lifeboats and life-saving equipment were inadequate.’
    • ‘The global counterfeit business is out of control, targeting everything from computer chips to life-saving medicines.’
    • ‘Many companies go bust before potentially life-saving products ever reach market.’
    • ‘Having a medical scan may no longer be the life-saving process we once thought it was.’
    • ‘A drunken, grief-stricken sailor is the only member of the medical staff on board who can possibly perform a delicate life-saving operation on the officer.’
    • ‘Every year new and often life-saving extracts are discovered in wild plants.’
    • ‘Caught in time, a penicillin injection from a GP can be life-saving.’
    • ‘Inside the handbag is a life-saving inhaler.’
    • ‘He's undergone a life-saving heart transplant despite having an incredibly rare blood type.’


  • The action or process of saving another person's life, especially from drowning.

    ‘Warren was involved in teaching generations of children swimming, personal survival, and life-saving’
    • ‘Australia, the West Coast of the United States, and South Africa have very long traditions of surf life-saving.’
    • ‘The people from St John will train us in basic first aid including life saving.’
    • ‘Faced with cuts in previous years, deaneries have come close to denying doctors the opportunity to take courses to learn essential skills like advanced life-saving.’
    • ‘From life imprisonment to life saving, they do it all.’
    • ‘Community services completed by those receiving awards included the completion of first aid courses, surf life saving, helping children with disabilities and raising funds for cancer research.’
    • ‘He played hockey in winter and captained his team, and in summer he trained for life saving in which he holds a number of Royal Life Saving Society awards.’
    • ‘Larry received numerous commendations for valor, meritorious service and life saving.’