Definition of life-limiting in US English:



  • Denoting a medical condition for which there is no cure and from which a person is expected to die prematurely.

    ‘care options for patients facing life-limiting illnesses’
    ‘a life-limiting genetic disorder’
    ‘each year, approximately 1.7% of babies in England and Wales are born with a birth defect which may be life-limiting’
    • ‘Life-limiting conditions such as lung cancer and heart failure can lead to fluid build up on the lungs and this often leaves patients feeling breathless.’
    • ‘Cystic fibrosis affects about 30,000 people in the US and is the most common life-limiting genetic disease.’
    • ‘It is part of a £7.5 million cash handout to help hospice and carers at home in the region and support people coping with life-limiting illnesses.’
    • ‘Two of Eddie's children have had life-limiting illnesses, and so he has witnessed the care and treatment children need first hand.’
    • ‘Caring for a child with a life-limiting condition can put a huge emotional, physical, mental, and financial strain on the whole family.’
    • ‘Sharing and processing important information about care options for patients facing life-limiting illness and death must become expected and routine.’
    • ‘She was born with the condition called Trisomy 9-p, a life-limiting disability that has caused her to be in and out of hospital her whole life.’
    • ‘An employee from the company is preparing to scale Africa's highest mountain in support of children with life-limiting conditions.’
    • ‘His little sister suffers from a life-limiting illness and requires round-the-clock care.’
    • ‘The hospice has been providing specialist palliative care to adults with life-limiting illness for 15 years.’
    • ‘People with life-limiting illnesses are often also taking drugs for treatment or prevention of long-term conditions.’
    • ‘The North Devon Hospice in Barnstaple has been supporting people with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses for three decades.’
    • ‘According to the Association of Children's Hospices, there are currently an estimated 20,000 children suffering from life-limiting conditions in the UK, many of whom will not live to reach adulthood.’
    • ‘In spite of the high rate of life-limiting diseases, morbidity, and death, less than 3 % of the patients with serious diseases can access palliative care.’
    • ‘Forget-me-not is a project that provides bereavement counselling for children who have lost a parent, close relative, or carer to a life-limiting illness such as cancer.’
    • ‘New research approaches could benefit hundreds of thousands of people living with debilitating, degenerative and life-limiting conditions.’
    • ‘Toys and other play equipment are widely used in children's hospices for children with life-limiting conditions and their siblings, as well as by nurses providing hospice care to children in their own homes.’
    • ‘Competent care for people with life-limiting illnesses requires careful management of their long-term drugs.’
    • ‘Women who have had hysterectomies should be screened for as long as they have reasonably good health and no life-limiting medical condition.’
    • ‘Palliative care services have developed over the years to support all persons with life-limiting conditions.’
    • ‘They offer home from home care for people with life-limiting illness and volunteers will be right at the heart of that care.’